Get Portal Installed In Under 1 Hour

Portal hardware can be installed on any low-energy automatic swing door by anyone familiar with low-voltage installations.

How to Install Portal Hardware

Install and set up Portal on your low-energy automatic swing doors in under 1 hour.

Install Portal Hub and Sensors

Easily integrate and coordinate your door automation and access control systems with the Portal Hub and Sensors.

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Install Smart Transmitters

Replace your existing transmitters with your Portal Smart Transmitters.

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Set Up Using Portal Manager

Initialize your Portal Hardware, customize the door's opening distance, and pair transmitters to the door.

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You're Good to Go

Now that your door is smart, your facility maintenance team is well-equipped to maximize entryway door uptime and stay on top of any issues that arise.

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feedback from installers

Designed For Simplicity

Low-Voltage Installer

The hardware was easy to install. It was refreshing to use the Manager app because it was dead simple to get everything set up.

Low-Voltage Installer

Overall, it took me less time to get up and running compared to pairing remote controls and setting up the receivers on the operators.

Facility Maintenance

Setting up the door with Portal was very simple. The previous versions I've used had connectors I didn't like, but this latest version has solved all of the concerns I had.

Facility Maintenance

I was amazed that the door started opening right after I set it up, and it opens exactly where I designated it to open at!

Door Hardware Specialist

Set up for Portal is straightforward. I think the most surprising thing was that for a piece of hardware like this, it usually takes me way longer to set up.