Make your entryways smart.

Most facilities are data-rich and information-poor. With Portal installed at your facility, harness the power of predictive analytics to verify every entry point is working smoothly.

Have confidence knowing your doors are always working.

Empower your maintenance team to respond to and eliminate door-related risks faster by using Portal Manager.

Receive Direct Alerts

Know before anyone else if an operator or transmitter is not working properly.

Know When Batteries Are Dead

Receive alerts when any transmitter batteries are dead.

Know When Doors Are Down

Know when actuation transmitters or operators are not actuating.

Single Source Of Truth

Have all door operator and mission-critical information easily accessible in one place.

Smartphone showing reactive and proactive maintenance tasks that facility maintenance teams need to perform for accessible doors. The screen shows there are two doors currently offline, two doors need to be updated, three doors need their push plate button batteries replaced, two doors need need a proactive maintenance check, and three push plate buttons need a scheduled check.
Smartphone showing a line graph of the number of door openings, or actuations, for a facility over a one month period of time. There are 697 app-based door openings and 592 push plate button based door openings.

Predict where to focus your resources.

Streamline your team's maintenance plans with real-time, cycle-based notifications so you know where and when to provide maintenance.

Usage-Based Notifications

Minimize schedule-based maintenance. Perform proactive maintenance for the doors that need it most.

Monitor Door Cycles

Know how often your push-button actuator transmitters are being used, and when to service them.

Transmitter Battery Life

No need to have your team walk around and test transmitter battery life.

Door Usage Trends

Focus your team's precious resources on the most-used doors.

How To Make Your Doors Smart

Install Portal and get data from your doors in under 1 hour.

Step One
Install Portal Hardware

Installation for one low-energy automatic swing door takes about 45 minutes.

Install Guide
Step Two
Download Portal Manager

Portal Manager is a mobile app available from the App Store for iOS devices and Google Play Store for Android devices.

Get Portal Manager
Step Three
Enable Bluetooth and Data

Enable Bluetooth and location services, and make sure you have an internet connection.

Learn More
Step Four
Peace Of Mind

Now that your door is smart, your facility maintenance team is well-equipped to maximize entryway door uptime and stay on top of any issues that arise.

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Facilities Using Portal

Come join the most forward thinking and progressive institutions in the world using Portal.

inclusive design

From the most forward thinking leaders in the world

Director of Services for Students with Disabilities

[Portal] was something good, and we were willing to pursue it and show that it was beneficial not only for our students with disabilities, but for other students too. Maybe they have children with car seats, strollers and other things. Also, facilities and cleaning employees have to go from one place to another they have to open doors with all the materials and tools. Also food services with trays all over the place. I realized how nice it is for everyone; it’s a universal, inclusive design.

Door Hardware Specialist

This technology is the future and will have a huge impact for all facilities, large and small. The idea of opening up a door is simple, and it's awesome to see this on the market and available.

Police Captain

Installing Portal in the city buildings was a no-brainer: it's affordable and provides huge amounts of value for our community.

Assistant Vice President, Facilities Management

Almost immediately, the students’ response was remarkable. Right then, I knew we had to move this forward somehow. We gave one to a lady who has a vision impairment, and while I don’t think she’s completely blind, she has a hard time judging how far away from something she is. She would hear the door open and know she could just go on through, so it’s not just wheelchair users who it’s helping. As we’ve rolled it out full scale, I would say that the number of usages we’re getting tells the story in and of itself. The numbers of hits are in the hundreds, whether that’s a couple people using the doors a whole lot, or a lot of people using it a few times, it’s making a big difference.

Assistant Vice President, Facilities Management

The problem Portal is solving is important. It's important to meet the needs of individuals that struggle quietly to get access to wherever they need on campus. I believe Portal will be the new standard for all buildings, so I'm planning the technology to be in all new buildings we have in the works.

Accessibility Services Director

We're always looking for better ways to provide a more inclusive environment on campus. One way we've been able to achieve this is through physical access—to buildings, classrooms, university events. Our students who use mobility assistive devices or have limited mobility in their hands use Portal to access university events seamlessly just like any able-bodies student can.

Security Manager

One of our buildings had some tenants that weren't able to use the automatic handicap doors. When I heard about Portal, it was such an elegant and simple solution to an otherwise complex and frustrating problem.