Portal + Security Access FAQ

Will Portal override my existing security access systems?

No, especially if Portal receivers are installed correctly. Portal integrates in parallel with other actuators connected to access control and access logic boards governing security control systems.

How will Portal affect access to building entry points after hours?

For buildings locked after closing hours, unless integrated with a request-to-exit actuator input, people using the Portal Entryways app will be unable to actuate the door to open.

What about doors that require security badges/cards?

Users must first present credentials; only afterwards would the access system (i.e. electric strike or magnetic strike) be released so that either the push-button actuator or Portal Entryways app would be able to momentarily close the relay to actuate the door. For example, if using an RFID card reader, a user would need to present their card, and then Portal would open the door if they were within the Portal door activation range.