Portal Manager FAQ

What do I need to use Portal Manager?

Install the Portal Entryways app on your iPhone on the App Store or Android phone from the Play Store. You’ll need an email address that has been authorized to log into the app. Enable Bluetooth and location services so you can view, set up and manage your devices.

Do I need to pair my phone?

No, Bluetooth Low Energy works differently to Classic Bluetooth, and it does not require you to pair your phone with any Portal receiver.

What phones will Portal Manager support?

Portal Manager works on all modern iPhone and Android phones. You need at least an iPhone 5 running iOS 11.2+, or an Android phone with Lollipop (5.0) or newer. Your phone must also support Bluetooth Low Energy (Bluetooth 4.0).

Do I have to enable Bluetooth?

Yes, without a Bluetooth signal, you’ll be unable to communicate with the Portal receivers.

Do I have to always enable Location Services?

It’s best practice to have location services on the ‘Always’ option so you can see in real-time where and when issues arise on your facility.

Why should I calibrate each Portal receiver?

Since Bluetooth Low Energy is a type of radio signal, it’s important to consider the types of materials that may affect its signal. Through calibrating Portal receivers, you can ’teach’ them what their environment is like so the opening distance will provide the most accurate and most enjoyable user experience.

Can I set the distance at which the door opens?

Yes, facilities managers may use the Portal Manager app to calibrate any Portal receiver to its environment and set the opening distance.