Open Doors, Effortlessly

Have any door installed with Portal hardware open for you automatically, without needing to touch or push anything.

Provide The Most Inclusive Access Experience

Diversity drives the need for accommodation and innovation. Portal is designed for anyone to use; even people without limbs can open doors by themselves.

Optimize Entry Points for Health and Well-Being

Touching a door button or handle is like shaking hands with 1,000 people at once. Portal ensures that your entry points are optimized for occupant health and well-being.

How Portal Works

Install and set up Portal in under 1 hour.

Step One
Install Portal Hardware

Installation for one low-energy automatic swing door takes about 45 minutes.

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Step Two
Download the Portal App

The Portal App is available from the App Store for iOS devices and Google Play Store for Android devices.

Download Portal App
Step Three
Activate Portal Signal

Enable Bluetooth and location services, and turn on the Portal Signal. Portal will keep working even while the app is closed or not in use.

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Step Four
Open Doors

Roll up to any door installed with Portal, and have it open magically. Don't worry about whether the door will close on you, Portal will wait until you're safely through to close the door.

How It Works

Institutions Providing A Welcoming Environment

Join the most inclusive institutions in the world providing hands-free access to building entry points.

Learn About Predictive Door Maintenance

People Building An Inclusive World Together


I'm highly at-risk, so when I heard about Portal, it's been amazing to use every day because I don't need to expose myself to germs on entrance surfaces!

Assistant Vice President, Facilities Management

Almost immediately, the students’ response was remarkable. Right then, I knew we had to move this forward somehow. We gave one to a lady who has a vision impairment, and while I don’t think she’s completely blind, she has a hard time judging how far away from something she is. She would hear the door open and know she could just go on through, so it’s not just wheelchair users who it’s helping. As we’ve rolled it out full scale, I would say that the number of usages we’re getting tells the story in and of itself. The numbers of hits are in the hundreds, whether that’s a couple people using the doors a whole lot, or a lot of people using it a few times, it’s making a big difference.

Assistant Vice President, Facilities Management

The problem Portal is solving is important. It's important to meet the needs of individuals that struggle quietly to get access to wherever they need on campus. I believe Portal will be the new standard for all buildings, so I'm planning the technology to be in all new buildings we have in the works.

Accessibility Services Director

We're always looking for better ways to provide a more inclusive environment on campus. One way we've been able to achieve this is through physical access—to buildings, classrooms, university events. Our students who use mobility assistive devices or have limited mobility in their hands use Portal to access university events seamlessly just like any able-bodies student can.

Physical Therapist

The biggest thing that I absolutely love is that I don’t have to worry about the door slamming on me and making a big scene. It’s embarrassing for people like me when that happens. Now I don’t have to worry about it not being open in time and I don’t have to worry about going out of my way to push a button.


Before using the app, I got stuck in doors about 40% of the time. Doors would close too soon, or I'd get stuck in the middle of two doors, or the buttons would be out of reach so I'd have to wait for someone to open the door for me. Now, for the first time in my life, I can feel confident going wherever I need to go on campus. And I'm on time to class!

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