Equal Access For All Building Entry Points

With Portal, users can open doors automatically, without even having to touch or push anything. A step forward in universal design.
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Universal Design

Provide Opportunities for Mobility That Matter

Persons unable to operate building access points will have difficulty enjoying their experience at your facility, and that's bad for business. We're here to help you make a difference.

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Simplified management

Manage ADA Entryways With Your Phone

We get it. Besides ADA compliance, you need to consider a thousand other things. Portal provides a platform for you to view and get notifications from people using your facility regarding maintenance issues.

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SMart data

Data-Driven Decisions Through Usage Analytics

Portal provides you regular analytics for usage for your door operators: frequency of use, cycles, foot traffic, and whether they are powered. You can know when and where maintenance needs to be performed.

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Control In your pocket

Each Entryway, Customized For The Best Experience

Building accessibility is greatly affected by objects, materials and setup of each environment. Use your account on Portal Manager to control and customize each entryway for the best user experience.

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